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Southern Meets Spice! …And, Oh So Nice!

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Breezing through the Whistle Stop Farmer’s Market right around the corner from Peachtree Corners, these multiple jars of colorful spices immediately called my name…”Jan, try me!…No, over here…try me!”…You see, I’m all about cooking with spice, especially if it’s of the hot & spicy variety. When I asked Greg Wood, owner of the Mill Creek [...]

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Doctor, Doctor, please; Don’t you know my book just can’t last

I need a “book doctor”…and fast! Yep, a doc who can put the spine back together on my vintage cookbook. Passed down to me from my mom, it’s a treasured 1950s Culinary Art Institute Encyclopedia. The book is a tattered sight for sure, especially on the outside, but it is a treasure trove of cooking tips on the inside. Also tucked inside its pages are many of mom’s favorite recipes, scribbled on scraps of paper and on the backs of envelopes. It’s priceless to me. (read more…)

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