Doctor, Doctor, please; Don’t you know my book just can’t last

I need a “book doctor”…and fast!  Yep, a doc who can put the spine back together on my vintage cookbook. Passed down to me from my mom, it’s a treasured 1950s Culinary Art Institute Encyclopedia.  The book is a tattered sight for sure, especially on the outside, but it is a treasure trove of cooking tips on the inside. Also tucked inside its pages are many of mom’s favorite recipes, scribbled on scraps of paper and on the backs of envelopes. It’s priceless to me.

Mom Cookbook resized

See what I mean…It needs spinal surgery!

Where better to look for help putting an old book back together than a vintage bookstore, right? I had heard of Atlanta Vintage Books, not far away, but had never been there.

Pulling into the parking lot, I already like this place. Hi little furry feline, staring out at me from your windowsill. You make me want to break out singing…


“How much is that kitty in the window….The one with the bushy tail. How much is that kitty in the window. I do hope that kitty’s for sale…” I must be in a singing mood today!


Bob Roarty who co-owns the shop with wife, Jan Bolgla, quickly came to the rescue.  Meanwhile, Mickey, the cat, casually strolls over to check out the surgery and to give me a closer examination.

While Bob, the “book doc” was finishing up the “post op”, I went about exploring the shop. (I’m a poet and don’t know it!) This place is more like exploring your favorite aunt’s BIG, very BIG attic. Over 70,000 vintage, rare and used books! The lover of books that I am, why have I not visited sooner!  Some amazing collections…

Shirley Temple Photo 4-43sized

I have a soft spot in my heart for Shirley, and I loved her in The Little Colonel! This shop has one of the largest children’s book collections in the Southeast!

Feedthebirds-esizedI want one of these Birdseed Feeders… what fun!


Ahhh…I woke up Calli from her nap…but she didn’t seem to mind.


Wow!!!…John Steinbeck’s autographed First Edition of East of Eden! Is there such a thing as “book envy”?


Crosby and Caulfield brought back to “LIFE” here at Atlanta Vintage Books…This shop has rows and rows of old LIFE magazines. Practically any year you’re looking for, you can find them. Hmm…a good birthday present for that hard to buy for person…Buy an issue, celebrating the year they were born. Genius! (That was shop guy’s idea, not mine.)

I could pull up a chair and read for hours…


Just not today… It’s time to say goodbye to the little shop not far from Peachtree Corners.


Bob, thanks for all your help, and also…



From one Jan to another…Thank You! Almost ready to go…almost…


Oh, yes… Little Boo…see you soon, too. I’m sorry to have to disturb you, but I really must pay for that paperback that you’re using as a pillow.  I’ll be back soon Little Boo, I promise! So, how did my vintage cookbook turn out…


The surgery was a success!  Thank you so much Atlanta Vintage Books!

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